10 Sites to Get Paid to Write Articles

If you are a freelance writer and looking for best writing websites that pay for online writing, then this list is for you.

Lined Circle

The word count can range from 500 to 800 words. niche:– frugal living Payment:- $0.1 per word (i.e. $50 for 500 words article) Payment Method:– Check and Paypal

#1 Dollar Stretcher

Sadly you can't Get Paid To Write Articles if you are below 18 years of age. Niche:- Almost everything Pay: - Unknown (Probably $50 per 800 words) Payment Method:– Unknown

#2 about.com

If you want to Get Paid To Write Articles online, then Listverse can be a good option. Niche:- Anything that goes viral Payment:- $100 for 1500 words Payment Method:- Paypal & Bitcoin

#3 Listverse

You will be amazed to hear their payment for an article. It's $950!!  Niche: - Ceramics Payout:- $350 for 1000 words and $950 for 5000 words Payment Method:- Unknown

#4 ceramics.org

I am sure you will like it because you get paid to write your experience. Niche:- Freelance Writing Tutorials Pay:- $45- 50 Payment Method:- Check and Paypal

#5 Fund For Writers

I think its More fun when you get paid to write weird type of articles. Niche:- Viral content Payment:- $35 for one page article and $50 for multi pages Payment Method:- Unknown

#6 College Humor

Niche:- Get paid to write Payout:- $60 for 600 words Payment method:- Paypal and Check (For US residents only)

#7 Writers Weekly

Make a Living Writing is a reputable blog in the freelance writing space.  Niche:- Freelance writing Pay:- $75-100 Payment Method:- Paypal

#8 Make a Living Writing

Niche:- Web Designing and Development Payment:- Depends on the quality of material Payment Method:- Unknown

#9 Smashing Magazine

Niche:- Web Design & Web Development Payment:- $100 Payment Method:- Paypal and Moneybookers

#10 Theme Forest

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